Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street

In the name of God

Integrated management policy

Nasir Omran Aria Company is a leading company with a sustainable development attitude in the field of design and implementation of construction projects and as one of the companies of the Nasr Group of Isfahan, it tries to maintain its central role in the field of transportation and construction, especially bridges, while creating effective communication. and building, based on current technical knowledge, and in this regard, it announces its integrated management policy as follows:

Improving and improving the level of customer satisfaction through improving the quality of services, time and cost of projects
Increasing productivity and continuous improvement of processes
Improving the quality level of project implementation through the use of modern technologies
Securing the work environment in order to reduce risks and harmful factors and prevent environmental pollution and destruction
Increasing employee skills through required training and increasing employee satisfaction
Improving profitability and value creation for stakeholders

For this purpose, the management, with the participation of all employees who are considered the most important assets of the company, has implemented and deployed its integrated management system based on international standards ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 and committed itself to Meet the requirements of this standard and its continuous improvement, as well as legal, regulatory and other requirements.


Arshaya Khairmand