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Razi Marand vaccine serum building project

TitleConstruction of the structure of the avian influenza vaccine production building
ContractorRazi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute
ConsolerKhak Seng Saze Consulting Engineers Co
LocationMarand city

Brief description: The executive operations of the avian flu vaccine production building include excavation, foundation implementation, steel frame, composite roof, electrical and mechanical facilities with an area of about 5700 square meters.
The purpose of the project: to construct a building for the production of avian influenza vaccine

The operation

1- Earthworks: 16,000 cubic meters
2- Heavy steel work: 400 tons
3- Reinforcement: 200 tons
4- Formatting: 12000 square meters
5- Concreting: 3000 cubic meters
6- Steel skeleton fireproof coating: 30,000 square meters
7- Implementation of mechanical and electrical facilities of the building