Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street

301 building project of Arak Anodizing Factory

TitleImplementation of infrastructure facilities of Arak Anodizing Factory
ContractorSanat Amir Kabir Carbon Company
ConsolerAyman Intersection Consulting Engineers
LocationCentral Province

Implementation of all piping, cabling and creation of water and sewage channels and construction of electric and lighting masts and poles and other infrastructural facilities in the area of Arak Anodizing Factory

The operation

1- Earthworks: 75,000 cubic meters

2- Reinforcement: 400 tons

3- Formatting: 13500 square meters

4- Concreting: 8000 cubic meters

5- Implementation of polyethylene water supply network: 9000 meters long

6- Implementation of steel network: 6700 meters long

7- Implementation of weak and medium pressure cables: 54,000 meters long

8- Network cable: 6000 meters long