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Azadi Ilam Tunnel Second Band Project

TitleExecutive operation of the second runway of the two-axis section of Ilam
ContractorConstruction and development company for transportation infrastructures of the country
ConsolerFarber Consulting Engineers

Implementation of the second lane of the Azadi tunnel section along with the exit route in order to facilitate the traffic entering and exiting Ilam city and reducing the passing traffic on the Karbala route.

The operation

1- Excavation: 110,000 cubic meters

2 – Excavation: 100,000 cubic meters

3- Tunnel excavation: 1530 meters long

4- Tunnel framing: 2500000 kg

5- Shotcrete: 400,000 square meters

6- Formatting: 60,000 square meters

7- Concreting: 25,000 cubic meters

8- Reinforcement: 1600 tons