Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title: GHADIR Tunnel, Interchange and Car Parking
Client:Qom Municipality
Partnered Consultant: Hexa Consulting Engineers Co.
Type of Contract: EPCProject
Location: Qom city, Iran
Project Description: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a project, consisting of Tunnel, Three-level Interchange and Parking, in order to improve the traffic flow of the adjacent boulevards of Hazrat Masumeh Holy Shrine by transferring the traffic to the -1 and -2 levels of the interchange.
1) Underpass tunnel which makes Amar Yaser boulevard two-leveled, is 1,400 m long, 24 to 55 m wide and has 50,000 m² area.
2) Three-level Interchange in form of underpass at the intersection of Amar Yaser boulevard and Payambar Azam boulevard, consisting of -1 and -2 levels.
3) Car Parking at the -1 level, with the area of 9,000 m² and capacity of 450 cars.
The decks of all mentioned structures are in form of in situ concrete voided slab and was constructed by Top-Down method.
Key Statistics: • Reinforcement and Steel Works: 10,000 tons
• Formwork: 83,000 m²
• Concrete: 70,000 m³
• Pile Drilling: 20,000 ml