Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title: MAHSHAHR Great Park
Client: Mahshahr Municipality
Consultant: Abnieh No Andish Consulting Engineers Co.
Project Location: Mahshahr Port, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Project Description: Construction of Mahshahr Great Park with total area of 15 Hectares including:
• 7.5 Hectares of Green Area.
• 4 Hectares of different sport fields such as Cycling Track, Roller Skating Track, etc.
• 3 Hectares of Roads and Walkways Network.
• Buildings such as Mosque, Museum, Women Consultation Center, Supermarket, Coffee shop, Fast Food Restaurant, Security Guard, Lavatory, etc with total area of 2,900 m²
• Artificial Lake, Water Routes and Fountains with total area of 4,000 m²
Key Statistics: • Earth Filling: 170,000 m³
• Stone Paving & Block Paving: 40,000 m²
• Concrete (Reinforced, Colored, Fiber-reinforced, Light) : 10,000 m³
• Gravelling Walkways: 18,000 m³
• Brick Facing: 1,300 m²
• Tile Works: 5,500 m²
• Reinforcement and Steel Works: 300 tons
• Sapling Planting: 48,000 No.