Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title:MIANJADEH Interchange
Client:Karaj Municipality
Consultant:Rahab Consulting Engineers Co.
Project Location:Karaj city, Alborz Province, Iran
Project Description:Construction of a three-level interchange at the intersection of Shahid Beheshti and Mianjadeh boulevards, consisting of two overpass bridges and two underpasses (each one including U-Turns and access ramps) in order to improve the traffic flow of the junction, which in the first phase of project, one of the overpasses and one of the underpasses will be constructed.
• +1 level of the interchange is an overpass with the total length of 430 m and width of 10.2 to 13.7 m which its maximum span length is 70 m and its deck is in composite type, consisting of steel box and concrete slab.
• -1 level of the interchange is an underpass with the total length of 410 m and width of 9.4 m which its deck part is in form of in situ concrete voided slab and is 120 m long.
• The retaining walls of the underpass are in form of in situ concrete bored piles and retaining walls of the overpass are in form of reinforced soil with Geogrids, which all are cladded by precast concrete segments.
Key Statistics:• Area of Bridges Deck: 4,500 m²
• Reinforcement and Steel Works: 1,700 tons
• Heavy Steel Works: 1,400 tons
• Formwork: 19,000 m²
• Concrete: 11,000 m³
• Pile Drilling: 3,400 ml
• Wall Precast Segments: 4,000 m²
• Earthworks: 40,000 m³
• Asphalt Surfacing: 3,000 tons