Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title:MOHAMADIEH Interchange
Client:Mohamadieh Municipality
Consultant:Haraz Rah Consulting Engineers Co.
Project Location:Mohamadieh city, Qazvin Province, Iran
Project Description:Construction of a two-level interchange at the intersection of Karaj-Qazvin highway and Shahid Motahari boulevard in form of an overpass, including two parallel bridges, access ramps and four numbers of loops with the total length of 1,200 m .
• The decks are in composite type with STEEL ARC, which are 70 m long and 26 m wide, with the maximum span length of 37 m over the highway.
• The access ramps retaining walls are in form of reinforced soil with Geogrids, which are cladded by precast concrete segments.
Key Statistics:
• Reinforcement and Steel Works: 900 tons
• Heavy Steel Works: 440 tons
• Earthworks: 780,000 m³
• Geogrid Layer: 50,000 m²
• Asphalt Surfacing: 12,000 tons
• Formwork: 10,000 m²
• Concrete: 7,500 m³
• Precast Concrete: 1,640 m³