Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title: PAJOOHESH Interchange
Client: Hamedan Municipality
Partnered Consultant: Hexa Consulting Engineers Co.
ype of Contract: TEPC
Project Location: Hamedan city, Iran
Project Description: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a two-level interchange, in form of an underpass including a deck with two U-Turns and access ramps in order to improve the traffic flow of the junction.
• The underpass has the total length of 490 m and width of 17.6 m, which the deck part is in form of in situ concrete voided slab with 86 m length and has been constructed by Top-Down method.
• The retaining walls of the underpass are in form of in situ concrete bored piles, which are cladded by precast concrete segments.
Key Statistics:• Reinforcement and Steel Works: 650 tons
• Formwork: 6,600 m²
• Concrete: 9,000 m³
• Pile Drilling: 2,400 ml
• Wall Precast Segments: 2,800 m²
• Earthworks: 65,000 m³
• Asphalt Surfacing: 1,300 tons