Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street

the University of Isfahan

TitleCompleting the multifunctional Velayat Sport Hall of the University of Isfahan


ContractorThe University of Isfahan
ConsultantBoland Payeh Design and Development Consulting Engineers  Company

Project objectives

Performing works related to the buildings, electrical and mechanical installation of the main sport hall ( including the halls for volleyball, futsal, basketball, handball, ..) and the adjacent salons (billiards, bowling, shootings, table tennis, body buildings( office space, locker rooms,  restrooms, ….

Project objectives: supplying the sport and recreational space for the students of the University of Isfahan

Operation1.      Heavy steel work : 350 tons

2.      Sandwich panel and composites Installation : 7500 m2

3.      Light steel work :100 tons

4.      Steel fixer: 150 tons

5.      Framework:3000 m2

6.      Concreting : 2500 m3

7.      Installing tiles, ceramics, mosaics, and stones: 14000 m2

8.      Installing cables and wires: 30000 m long

9.      Purchase, installation, and running the electrical equipment including  Diesel Generator 350 Kva, transformer, electricity tables, surge arresters, lights, …

10.  Purchase, installation, and running the powerhouse equipment such as  boiler, torch, galvanized water tanks, coiled sources, pumps, pump boosters, water softener, open expansion tank, faucet, steam, Mannesmann, galvanized pipes, …

11.  Purchase, installation, and running the mechanical equipment such as fan coil, splits,  exhaust and air water channels, radiators,  firefighters equipment,

12.  Pipe work   (steam, Mannesmann, galvanized) for the hot and cold  firefighting water:8000 m long

13.   Polyethylene pipe work : 3000 m long