Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title: Water Storage Tanks & Pump Stations of BAREKAT Pharmaceutical Industrial Park
Client: Salamat Tadbir Alborz Industrial Park Co.
Consultant: Haraz Rah Consulting Engineers Co.
Project Location: Karaj city, Alborz Province, Iran
Project Description: Construction of Ground and Elevated Water Storage Tanks and related Pump Stations for supplying the drinking and irrigation water of the Park, including:
• Two ground concrete tanks with the capacity of 5,000 m³ each, with related pump stations for supplying the drinking water.
• A lagoon, with the capacity of 30,000 m³ with its pump station for supplying the irrigation water.
• An elevated steel tank with the capacity of 120 m³ for supplying the drinking water.
Key Statistics: • Reinforcement: 550 tons
• Formwork: 10,000 m²
• Concrete: 6,000 m³
• Heavy Steel Works: 50 tons
• Earthworks: 100,000 m³