Isfahan office address: Isfahan - Imam Khomeini Street - Basij Street
Project Title:Zeinabieh Station in second Line of Isfahan Subway
Client:Isfahan Urban Railway Organization 
Project Manager:Zaindab Consulting Engineers
Consultant:Talash Naghshe Jahan Consulting Engineers Co.
Project Location: Isfahan city, Iran
Project Description:  Completing the construction of Station
• Implementing the Access Galleries, Ventilation Galleries, and Mid Tunnel in NATM method. .Construction of Piles and their Slabs. Ventilations, including Excavating and Constructing the retaining structure in Rib & Pile method. Constructing main structure of the Tunnels in Topdown method.
• Construction of supplementary access ways of stations, ticket hall, train platform, elevator shaft in in Cut & Cover method.
Key Statistics:  Reinforcement and Steel Works: 6,100 tons
Heavy Steel Works: 2,550 tons
Formwork: 47,000 m²
Concrete: 56,000 m³
Tunnel Excavation: 400 ml
Earthworks: 174,000 m³
Pile Execution: 6,800 ml
Neiling: 21,000 ml
Shotcrete: 15,000 m²